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Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish? Or maybe, do not you have enough vocabulary and you always use the same grammatical structures?

If you are looking for an online Spanish course, today is your lucky day!

Welcome to, your perfect place to learn and improve your Spanish in an easy way with our qualified native teachers, with several years of experience abroad and in online classes

Online Spanish courses for foreigners

Puedes elegir el tipo de curso de español online que deseas, si, por ejemplo, quieres clases particulares online, el profesor se adaptará a todas tus necesidades y el curso será diseñado a tu medida.

En cambio, si quieres tener lecciones online en un grupo de máximo seis personas, las clases serán programadas por el profesor de español para todo el grupo centrándose en el enfoque comunicativo ¡Lo más importante es hablar español!

Si piensas que ya no puedes aprender nada más, te aconsejamos que preguntes por nuestro curso de español avanzado online para convertirte en un auténtico experto en nuestra lengua. Si, por el contrario, todavía no te sientes seguro y piensas que necesitas conocer más verbos, vocabulario, gramática o tener más clases de conversación, te aconsejamos hacer el curso de español online de nivel intermedio (B1-B2). Para solucionar el problema, ¿qué curso elijo? No te tienes que preocupar, porque tienes la opción de solicitar una clase de prueba gratis para que conozcamos tu nivel y tus necesidades.

¡Ah! Por cierto, tenemos que contaros una cosita más. También puedes aprender español con nuestro curso de español gratis en youtube, o con nuestros pdf con actividades.

You can choose the type of online Spanish course you want, if, for example, you want private online classes, the teacher will adapt to all your needs and the course will be designed to suit you.

On the other hand, if you want to have online lessons in a group of maximum six people, the classes will be programmed by the Spanish teacher for the whole group focusing on the communicative methodology. The most important thing is to speak Spanish!

If you think that you can not learn anything else, we advise you to ask for our advanced Spanish online course to become a true expert in our language. If, on the other hand, you still do not feel confident and you think you need to know more verbs, vocabulary, grammar or have more conversation classes, we advise you to take the online intermediate Spanish course (B1-B2). To answer the question, which course do I choose? You do not have to worry, because you have the option to request a free trial class so that we know your level and your needs.

Oh! By the way, we have to tell you one more thing. You can also learn Spanish with our free Spanish course on YouTube, or with our pdf with activities.

DELE exam preparation

On the other hand, if you are really thinking about taking the DELE exam, is your place to prepare the test and overcome it with total guarantee if you follow the steps of our excellent DELE preparatory professors. The DELE exam can not be an obstacle for you!

Why learn Spanish online?

    1. Learning from home. That is incredible! Being able to study the language that you love from the sofa in your house, having a coffee or tea only happens if you learn online.
    2. Personal Tutor. In addition to being at home, you have a native Spanish teacher who will create the lessons adapting to your needs.
    3. Flexibility. There is nothing better than getting home after a long day of work and having your Spanish course online without having to go to any academy or school. Also, you can have the class at the time that is most appropriate for you.
    4. Taylor made. We love this point, because by learning Spanish online you can have lessons adapted to your interests. We assure you that you will not be bored in class!
    5. Self-discipline. There is a prejudice that says that learning from home is impossible because you can distract easily or have the feeling of laziness. But it is not like that, learning online you will realize that you can do things that you are passionate about without any laziness and you will demand much more from yourself.
    6. Individual or small group classes. You have the ability to choose the type of course you want to enroll. Many people prefer to learn as a group and there are other types of people who prefer to study individually.
    7. Individual or group classes. You have the ability to choose the type of course you want to enroll. Many people prefer to learn as a group and there are other types of people who prefer to study individually. We welcome you anyway!





It’s time to improve your Spanish! Do not wait for Tomorrow!

What can you learn?

Spanish Course

Regular course from beginner to advanced based in communicative methodology

Conversation Spanish

You will focus on improving your speaking skills

Spanish Language and Culture

Are you interested in finding out more about Spanish culture and improve your Spanish?

DELE Exam Preparation

Our DELE exam preparation courses are designed to help you to get the result you want

Preparation course

We are developing new courses and events
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